Following the adoption of Law 83 on health care and social services, The CHSLD Bussey named me, to be the new ‘’commissaire local aux plaintes et à la qualité des services’’, a fonction that must now entirely be dedicated to the improvement of the quality describe in the new Law.

I will be, from now on, called to answer all complaints addressed to the CHSLD Bussey conform with the Law’s particularities, that these complaints be given verbally or by writing. However, the first step will be to call upon the «directrice des soins», wich will try to help you or to any given person of your choice in the center, a person which will have the responsibility to make sure to forward the complaints to me that were not answered satisfactorily by following the first step.

I will remind you that you can always get some support from the Users’ Committee of the establishment or from the ‘’Centre d’assistance et d’accompagnement aux plaintes (CAAP) de la région de Montréal’’ in all your procedures to do your complaint. Furthermore, it is only following the treatment of your complaint by the local commissionner that you can adress the ‘’Protecteur du citoyen’’ if you are still not satisfied with the result.

In this improvement of the quality of service, be sure that it will be my pleasure to examine the situation that you refer to, with the care of better understanding your expectations, and most of all with attention and toughfulness.

You can reach me by writing to the CHSLD Bussey, adressed to Denis Chaput or verbaly by leaving a message in my mail box at 514-645-1673 ext. 300 .

Thank you for your attention

Best regards,
Denis Chaput
Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner

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